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We currently have 2 active openings.

The main task is creating and managing virtualisation environments of given evndors, cosisting of virtual compute, storage and networks.

  • Bachelors deegre in IT Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Experience and extensive knowledge of VMware technologies (vSphere, Site Recovery Manager, VSAN, Horizon View)
  • Experience and extensive knowledge of advanced VMware technologies (vRealize Operation and Automation, NSX, VMware Identity Manager, UEM, App Volumes, etc)
  • Basic knowledge of dierent virtualisation and cloud platforms such as KVM, OpenStack, CloudStac, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of storage technologies and protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Veeam backup technologies for virtual environments
  • Computer architecture, operating systems, network protocols, algorithms and solutions for IT infrastucures sequrity knowledge
  • Server, storage and network virtualisation technologies knowledge
  • Knowledge of NetApp storage technologies is considered as advantage
  • Basic knowledge of some scripting language is considered as advantage
  • Certificates for given solutions are considered as advantage
  • Work experience on multiple projects in EMEA region

You are tasked with creatring and designing network architectures, as well as configuring and maintaining customers virtual and physical network devices, as well as sequritiy protocols.

  • Bachelors deegre in IT Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Few years experience in the field of network and security solutions, especially in technologies for following vendors
    • – Cisco
    • – Juniper
    • – Brocade Check Point
    • – PaloAlto
  • Computer architecture, operating systems, network protocols, algorithms and solutions for IT infrastucures sequrity knowledge
  • Server, storage and network virtualisation technologies knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of some scripting language is considered as advantage.
  • Certi¬cates for network and sequrity solutions are considered as advantage.
  • Fluent english speaking
  • Work experience on multiple projects in EMEA region.

Even if we don’t have an opening at the moment, or you are looking for some other position, we would like to hear from you.

Working at Hexa7

General Requirements

Hexa7’s team is always happy to accept new ambicious and eager to Lear individuals!

If you like to work in young, succesfull and ambicious IT engineering company we are a place for you The advantages varry, from flexible working hours and longterm contracts. to learning alongside excellent engineering team. We like to invest in our emloyees, and to provide them with the best professional training. Visiting the best IT conferences and earn project tasks based bonuses will be the part of your usual working routine.

On your side, we expect alot. but we also give a lot. Innovation is something that drives our business, so innovative individuals are something we allways need. Communication skills are also important, depending on what position you occupy. For example, sales engineers, as well as marketing personel have higher communicational skills than other Hexa7 employees. Combined with assertivnes. communicetion skill is crucial for selling and ultimately realizing complex and expensive IT infrastructure projects. Because of its complex nature, IT is a team industry. Very little can be done in the world of plethora of information and complex enivronments when doing things alone. You will need to learn from others and finely fit into various teams. But no matter how much team spirit you have, we are always short on manpower. This is where proactivity and indipendence fit in We need individuals that are highly capable of self management and self learning. This is important, primarily because IT is a constantly, and fast changing industry, and secondarily because we want to be agile as possible. Last but not least, you shuld be highly responsible, primarily because integrating and servicing IT infrastructure of big enterprises is highly responsible job. Secondly. because the ‘agile as possible” business model implies independent, high fidelity manpower, which can be entrusted with complex and important tasks.

Additionaly. fluent english speakers and good drivers have advantage when it comes to joining our team.

Life at Hexa7

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We put company culture first. Hexa7, in its early beginnings, comes from the idea that everything we create must be logical and long term. Our founders are IT engineers who are very passionate about delivering the best IT solutions to their customers. This usually means that there are no compromises when it comes to quality. There are no compromises when it comes to delivering what is best for our customers.

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We put our employees first. We want our employees to be professional, knowligable, inovative, felxible, thrustworthy, indipendent and self managing individuals who can work in small team from time to time. We support that behaviour by caring for them and respecting their private and professional time.

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Take your time to prepare and inform about every aspect of Hexa7 culture. and requirements for the job. In Hexa7 knowledge is something that comes first. We respect and welcome everybody who knows more than us. Independency and self managing capabilities comes second, because enterprise IT engineering require that. Last bu not least, individuals with high sense of responsibility, will to inovate and capability to be flexible, come first!

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